If you are looking for linear solutions for your mechanical applications you are at the correct web site. For more than fifty years Nadella has been manufacturing linear rails, needle bearings, combined bearings and linear actuators for used in every conceivable industrial sector.

Most recently Nadella has also added pre-load adjusting nuts and telescopic rails to the product offerings.

Nadella’s products are used in all industrial sectors, everywhere you need linear rails, on machine tools, from food processing and packaging to goldsmithing!
Nadella products are available through a network of sales offices.

These offices can also co-ordinate technical inquiries that may require the support of our Technical Office, or feel free to contact our technical office directly. In order to guarantee further its production process Nadella has the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification.

From this Nadella web site you can easily download catalogues and CAD drawings and find the necessary information to get in touch with us. Happy web surfing!